Hanus Haunt 2018 Photos!


Halloween 2018!

Welcome to the 2018 Halloween season!

We have a number of great events planned this year, including several fundraisers for CVHS and SVJH, as well as a Senior Citizen night!

Senior Citizen night is October 24th

If you are part of a senior community, consider adding this to your schedule of events for the community. This night is reserved for the “65+” crowd, in order to accommodate¬†the slower pace of foot traffic. A door ramp will be available. Admission is free.

CVHS Orchestra Fundraiser night is October 27th

Come support the Campo Verde Orchestras!
Asking $3 per person minimum donation.

CVHS Band Fundraiser night is October 30th

Support your Campo Verde Bands!
A $3 minimum donation per person.

SVJH Fundraiser night is TBD

We are currently working with South Valley Jr High on which night to hold the fundraiser. Check back soon!

2017 Witches Room

2017 Skeleton Dining Room

2017 Parlor

2017 Kitchen

2017 Bathroom and Hallways

2017 House Exterior

Hanus Haunt 2016


Hanus Haunt 2015